Hello, my name is:


My name is Kristine, how about you?

Well, I am not particularly new in the blog sphere. I had my own share of experiences, dating as far back as xanga to the most recent tumblr. I’m not new to WordPress either, I have an abandoned Japanese Exchange blog.

Maybe because I was not particularly passionate about it.

This time, it won’t be the case. This time I will write about things I am passionate about, and that is girly stuff, photography, travel, life, and God. A lot of God and a lot of Jesus.

In this blog, I want to take a risk and share my experiences and my life to the world, to many girls out there who is probably struggling or who needs a little encouragement or who just wants to look for inspiration. Maybe I could help you or I could pray for you.

Let’s take this risk together, shall we?










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