Call to Intimacy


[insert random photo that does not deal with the matter being posted about because I don’t know what photo could represent such topic]

I am a God that desires intimacy. It is I who desire more of your heart, more of your lives thus saith the Lord. I desire to dwell among a people that will set aside their lives unto me. That will come to consecrate themselves afresh even to the first generation that would walk clean and upright before me thus saith the Lord. That I look for a generation that will cause their lives to be put in order in place that I could move, that I could dwell, that I could live thus saith the Lord. And I call my people tonight, I’ve called you to a place where I dwell, where I live and reside. And I called you in to enter, enter into this intimacy with Me, saith the Lord.

But what is intimacy? Is it knowing God? Is it more than that? Is it adding God in Facebook and listing him as our top one friend? Is being familiar with God? What is it?

I myself am new to this intimacy thing, but it’s revolutionary. Through intimacy with God, He became so real to me everything else do not matter. It is first and foremost rooted in salvation, being faithful in the basics of Christianity, full surrender of our external self and  will, and then if we want to know Him, through His spirit he will lead us to intimacy with him. I know it is quite a process: it could be difficult, and it will hurt. But the exchange is greater than our human minds can even fathom, just like the God we serve. It’s thrilling, it’s an adventure—it’s not BORING. That’s what Christianity should be.

Through intimacy with Him, everything else flows: peace, joy, love, wisdom, chocolate—no not really, but you get the gist. To the youth, we are young. We have a lot of time to spare. This is the perfect season for us to consecrate ourselves and know Him deeper. We have time to pray, to read our bible, to really seek His face. How much of Him do you want? How desperate are you? That’s the question. And if you want all of Him, he is more than willing to show Himself real to you.


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