Kristine x Toy Cameras: naturally Japan


These photos were taken using film toy cameras (Golden Half & Superheadz Ultra Wide) in the Kansai region of Japan (specifically Okayama, Kyoto, Oosaka). The photos have recurring theme: backs faced to the camera, eliciting a “this is what you see if you were there through your eyes” effect. I wanted to show Japan through the musings of everyday life, not in a sensationalized manner, but with mute tones of color and that gives viewers a nostalgic feeling.

Image (6)

Man relaxing and looking over the Seto Ohashi or the Great Seto Bridge.  Kojima, Okayama, Japan.

Image (5)

Along the shore of Kojima.  Kojima, Okayama, Japan.

Image (4)

Sliding down. Kojima, Okayama, Japan.

Image (3)

 Midday Glare. Kyoto, Japan.

Image (2)

To the train station.  Osaka, Japan.

Image (7)

Day of the Festival.  Okayama, Japan.

Image (8)

Train abounds. Okayama, Japan.

Image (9)

School’s out. Okayama, Japan.

Image (10)

Directions. Kyoto, Japan.


Back to Edo. Kyoto, Japan.


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