musings of [kristine’s] mind; one

one; I miss the beach. I need to make time and walk around one day.

Welcome to my mind.

[well, more like the first of a series of weekly posts]

Basically it’s a list of several things that is on my mind for the past week that could be a thought, a question, a to do thing, a discovery, a dream, a vision, etc. These are things I want to share to you and ponder with you.

Warning: it is personal and is subject to my perspective.

two;  God moved in our behalf and redirected the storm away from the island, take care, Japan!

three; rekindling my love for OPM.

four; enjoying warm times in cold weather.

five;  my local church is in transition: unbroken ground means war.

six; “Daily reminder that I’m just a speck in the universe, but I serve a God greater than creation.”

seven; classic musicals with a hint of linguistic jargon? Totally enjoying every second of it.

eight; Minimalism; using less to more effect.

nine; My journal is filled halfway and I’m already looking for a new one. But I’m T O R N.

ten; My order of books came…it’s like an early Christmas present.

eleven; I want to write [love] letters and leave them all around..everywhere.

twelve; I have this desire to learn typography, lettering and calligraphy.


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