i am not but I know I AM

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Next book…! #vscocam

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Louie Giglio’s “i am not but I know I AM” presents crucial truths about one’s relationship with Christ in a easy-to-understand, straight-in-your-face, universal approach. He looks at our perspective of ourselves, our perspective of God and how it plays out on how we live. He provides very vivid pictures so readers could easily relate and understand deep truths. It is a book that you could read in a couple of hours and think about for days.

He explores God’s character and his name, I AM.

It made me ponder about my self and how small and insignificant I am and how great and mighty God is. This almighty God is inviting us to a greater story, a greater purpose and is willing to use us if we are willing to surrender ourselves and stop being god over our lives. Only then our lives could count for eternity, something bigger than we could even imagine.

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…whatever you do.

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One of the things that stood out to me is giving God glory in whatever we do. The Christian life is not always filled with big church events and outpourings of the Holy Ghost. Most of the time, the average Christian spend his/her life living his/her life in the mundane, repetitious cycle of life. However, it’s not what we do, but how we execute our actions and our attitudes.

Is our actions and attitudes giving glory to God and reflective of Christ who is in us?

…and that my friend, is a question we should ask ourselves every single day of our lives.


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