Season of Transition


[tran-zishuh n, –sish-]


movement, passage, or change from one position,

state, stage,subject, concept, etc., to another; change:

Transition. Transition (defined above) is a season of growth and maturity. It is the time when we are breaking out from the same-old-same-old, the routine, the normal. As a church it is a new building, new territories, new nations, new people and new chairs. It could also mean bigger demons, vicious assaults and a demonic opposition. However in exchange are bigger breakthroughs, bigger blessings, more people added to the kingdom and the unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Ghost. As an individual it is a deeper understanding of the things of God, God’s character and an intimate relationship with him. It requires quality conversations with God through prayer, fasting , the relentless study of the word of God and taking all of these things and applying it to our lives. This is to become a salt and light to a dying and lost world, to go out and be a witness and be Christ to those who don’t know Him.  The transition period is shaky, bipolar, uncomfortable, up and down and painful. But it is a symbol of growth. It’s like teething babies. When everything that can be shaken is shaken and brought down, we must constantly remind ourselves that Jesus is our cornerstone: unmovable, unshakable and unshaking, and because of this we could put our trust in Him.

It is battle, it is war. There is a state of urgency to this call. Time waits for no one and precious souls hang in the balance. Let’s dust our armor and our swords and go and conquer the victories that have been won. God is just searching for people, those who are passionate, and those who are ready to take up their crosses and follow Him wholeheartedly. God does not look at a person’s talents, skills, intellect, social status or outward appearance. He looks at a person’s heart and availability. Let us not be content but strive for more. Let’s continue to strive to become what God has called us to be, something beside us, something so big, wide and deep we ourselves cannot fathom. I hunger for more and I know there are still more to be claimed. Don’t put your guard down, because the devil is going to fight back, equally hard, and viscously in the weakest time of your life. But be encouraged, because if God’s for us, who can go against us.

            Transition; however, is just a season. Seasons come and go. Seasons are there for a reason. Sometimes the progress is equally or more important than the destination. Because it’s the time when God molds us to become the person He could use for his glory when we arrive to that destination. Let us embrace this season. Let us fight this battle together. When you see someone struggling, encourage them. Let us write letters to each other, take people to dinner, or just have long meaningful conversations about the things of God and pray for each other. Or simply give them a hug and let them know you’re praying for them. Two is better than one, and a group is better than two. We could conquer more in multiples together than when we are alone.


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