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[one] I like to write;
Maybe not as well as others, but I still consider writing a medium in which I unload my thoughts, explore my feelings, chronicle events and create things. Then I realized that writing could be multiplied and shared. Sharing those thoughts that I thought only I conjured, feelings that I thought only I felt and experiences I thought only I went through with people around me. People like me. People who had the same thoughts, feelings and experiences. I’m not alone.

Anyone can write. Anyone can string words together and make something beautiful, powerful and life changing. Maybe not as accurate, descriptive, moving as others, but it’s still words. Words delineated on a page, words that hold meaning, words that hold something deeper. Words that could touch, words that could destroy, words that could build up, words that change. With just a pen and paper you could write anything.

Make other people hear your words, your voice.

Because you’re not just a person. You’re you. One of a kind, with one of a kind voice.

[two] The Author;

Recently I attended my friend’s bridal shower. I’ve known her since middle school, and now she’s getting married. I’ve seen her life, go through different turns, through the ups and downs and despite of all of those detours, she’s closing a chapter of her life.

These are the moments to look back and marvel at how God orchestrates the lives of people around me. I haven’t been alive very long, but there are amazing stories God has simultaneously written that I probably don’t know much of. In our seemingly insignificant lives, the Author has shown His grace, His love and His mercy. It’s His sovereignty in its finest.

He does not write with a paper and a pen, but with lives and the blood of Christ Jesus his son. He does not write in the temporal, but stories that go on forever and ever. Stories of hope, peace, deliverance and redemption. Stories that are perfectly crafted by His hands. He created you. He created your story. A story that he thought of as he crafted you in your mothers womb, a story with a happy ending. The perfect fairy tale.

That is if you let him.


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