musings of [kristine’s] mind; two

Tis the season to give gifts, and receive them.

I just bought my  family their Christmas gifts recently and I realized how hard it was to shop for presents without thinking about what to give a person beforehand. You could have guessed I would have known since we all live under the same roof (with the exception of my older brother and his wife), but no. I found myself staring at the checkout page for awhile, wondering if I should buy or change the current choice to another. It was a struggle of it’s kind: buying an awesome gift with a budget limitation.

Anyways, here is a Christmas wishlist (so mom and dad, if you’re reading this, *ahem*) , and please feel free to use it when gift shopping for your love ones!

(Jesus is the reason for the season, but gifts won’t hurt!)

one; this printer. I’m itching to get one, but it’s more of a want than a need.

two; I need film so I could finally use the vintage Polaroid camera I received from a Japanese exchange student last year.

three; a book by an awesome writer and life changer. I can’t get enough books.

four; all that glitters. Anything gold is good.

five; simple jewelry for everyday.

six; I want to learn an instrument. I’ve tried so many, hopefully I’ll succeed on just one!

seven; I want to improve my handwriting.

eight; I like tea better than coffee.

nine; an ecosystem in my room!

ten; This.


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