humanly us [part I]

one; lifetime

We are human.

Flesh, bone, sinews, heart, mind, soul, spirit.

Fallible, limited, finite, small, individualistic.

We are  told that we are created for a purpose, we are special and we are one of a kind.

We live to find the purpose of our lives: to become something greater, to accomplish something and to become successful. (More often we are confused what to aim for and spend weeks, months, years and my entire lifetime looking for it)

[When we find that purpose for our lives, we work hard to reach that goal.] + [we try to meet the expectations of other people around me.] + [there are so many trends, stereotypes, cliques and titles we have to fit to fully function in society we live in.] = The demands of life.

Figure 1.1: We get caught up by the busyness of our lives (if it’s necessary or not, we’re not sure), then it overwhelms us. It overwhelms who we really are. Now it’s not who we are that defines what we do, but it is what we do, what other people think about us, and what society demands of us that define who we are. We get lost in this fog of demands it blinds us, chokes us, binds us, and we lose sight of the primary goal we had in the first place. Then we get lost in the dark: suddenly we become purposeless, unidentified, unknown.

Figure 1.2: We work hard for that purpose. We live in it. We embody it. It is who we are. It is what we want, breathe, sleep, eat and drives us. We give our time, our energy, our resources and our lives. With all of our might, wisdom and power we try to make it a reality. If we fail, we pick ourselves back again. And maybe, it does come to pass. In one point we lose the reason why we pursuing it so passionately in the first place. Or that we are so enamored by it that we lose who we are, lose the other finer things in life, and again find ourselves lost despite gaining what we thought that will satisfy us.

Then we realize a little too late that everything under the sun is vanity.

two; forgetfulness

We forget.

We forget we are human.

One day, we are working our hardest, and another we burn out, we crash and we fall.

Then when we do, we beat ourselves down with our words or the demands of others: why did you fail? Why did you stop? Why didn’t you do it that way than the other? Why?

Because we are human.

We can’t do everything, we are not perfect, we fail, we can’t please everyone and sometimes we can’t please ourselves.

We need to remind ourselves that we are human. Remind yourself that you are fallible, limited, finite, small. Remind yourself that we can’t do life alone. Remind yourself that you need to rest. Remind yourself to breathe. Remind yourself to get out of your usual space and explore something new, something beside yourself. Remind yourself to eat breakfast every morning, to talk to people you love and watch your favorite movie.

Remind yourself about who you are.

It’s okay to fall, it’s okay to be bruised, it’s okay to have scars.  Because everyone else does. Allow yourself to have that space for error, forgive yourself if you do commit an error. (Some people are just too hard on themselves )We learn from it and grow, sometimes it takes us more than just one fall to learn. But it’s a learning progress. It hurts, and sometimes we want to give up but we are growing and maturing.

We are not perfect, but we are a working progress.


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