reply to: Welcome to the valley.

This is where I stand right now.
This article spoke and reflected similarly to my current season so I replied to it (I usually don’t, though I should do it more often):
I’m in a similar place right now. God has revealed so much 
promises and an amazing purpose and yet I feel like I’m 
not doing anything about it. 

Just in the dark room. 
Just being intimate. 
Just hanging out. 
I want to do something to make it come to pass…doesn’t God 
help those who help themselves? 

Then this came along (thank you, it was really timely), and 
reminded me it’s not my grand plan. It is God’s grand plan. 
If I take His plan in my human hands, it’ll crumble and fall. 
He will make it come to pass…in his way and his time. And my 
season right now is to be still and know that he’s God and to 
know Him deeper than what I know. (It is foolish to say to 
completely know a God bigger than the universe, eternal, 
all-knowing, all-powerful and constantly present). There is 
a purpose why. I just need to be aware of what God’s doing in 
this specific place and time so I could be part of it. All I 
know everything will tie in beautifully, even though I don’t 
understand it at the moment. 

Stay encouraged!

hannah brencher.


“You’re in the valley,”

she says to me, grabbing my shoulders and keeping her eyes on me— they never once wander away from me and find another thing to fix on.

“You’re in the valley,” she says again. “Welcome to it.”

We were standing in the middle of a crowded church lobby. I was rambling on about a boy in a coffee shop who wasn’t choosing me and a plane ticket I wanted to burn and a city I wanted to give up on because nothing feels safe or comfortable or certain inside of the name “Atlanta.” I was home for a short visit. I’d been living in the city for six months— waiting for God to speak and tell me why I was there. I wanted answers from her. Because that’s what you want from a spiritual mentor— black-and-white answers.

I was rambling with the hope that…

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