i stand in an audience of One

stop; let’s examine ourselves:

Pause. Wait a minute. What are you carrying with you?
Pause. It’s time for examination.

Do you feel confused? Do you feel lost? Do feel like God isn’t hearing you? Do you feel like being pulled by the cares of this world? Do you feel like you’ve been wandering aimlessly for days, weeks, months and years? Do you feel like you have no specific purpose? Do you feel like the Christian life is boring? Do you think like your relationship with God plateaued? Do you feel discontented and want more of God?

one; cares of this world

Living in a world that is saturated with so much [information, so many things going on, so many things that we could have, so many things that we could choose] it is hard to keep still, and to focus on just one thing. The world wants us to have, do, enjoy everything that we want that we become so fragmented and are pulled to so many things at once. In the frenzy of all of these ‘things’ we drown, we lose ourselves and we lose God. But we are not made to have multiple allegiances, but to One alone: our purpose is to worship, praise and be in fellowship with God.

two; back to the basics

We need to refocus, reposition and find out where we stand in our personal relationship with Christ. We need to go back to the basics: prayer and the reading of the word. In desperation we just need to drop all distraction, lock ourselves in our prayer closets, seek his face, and tell God, “I surrender all that I have and don’t have. Let your will be done in my life.” Once we have our eyes solely focused on Him, He will reveal your individual purpose—the purpose he specially written and planned for you. His plan for you is amazing; it is beyond your imagination, it is more than you could even comprehend. He is constantly speaking; He is constantly in search for those who is willing to hear Him. So seek Him, try to listen to his voice, because He promised that those who seek will find and those who knock, doors will open.

three; listening and obeying

God will speak—through the bible, through preaching, through a word, through a person, through anything—but you must be sensitive enough to listen. And these words will remain just words unless you obey it. “Obedience is better than sacrifice,” and it is true. Obedience means doing things without asking, it means doing it even though it does not make sense, it means obeying till completion, and it means to do it despite the consequences and the circumstances. Obedience to God is an act of faith. It is what we Christians are called to do, to follow an unseen God and make Him live through us. It is scary, it is uncertain, sometimes it is painful and you need to give up things. But the exchange is always worth it, and this is where the excitement and the adventure come from. Brace yourselves.

four; in light of eternity

We may live in the midst of a crowd, but in the end, we will stand in eternity alone. I don’t want to stand in front of God and give excuses: “I sinned because he/she made me sin”. I want to be responsible for my actions, words and decisions. I don’t want to be the person who says “I served God because of her/him”. I want to live for God by surrendering my own will, not just being a groupie or a fan that walks out when things get rough or when things get out of their control and changes allegiance to the next thing. God doesn’t need fans. God needs people who are willing to be bent and broken to do His will. Don’t live for the praise of others, or what would people think of us, but live right and pleasing in God’s eyes. People are ficklethey love you one day and hate you the next, while God is faithful and unchanging, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And He is good, He loves us unconditionally, indescribably, so greatly that our minds cannot fathom it. His grace is sufficient and abounds even further when darkness and sin is present.

five; the challenge

So I challenge you, put everything under scrutiny through the lens of God’s word: your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, your decisions, your plans, your LIFE. And everything will be much clearer, straight and going forward. God’s way is simple, but not easy. You might trip and fall and bruise yourself in the beginning, but God’s grace is with you and abounds greater than our faults. He will pick you up and encourage you to continue. Sometimes you need to encourage yourself. As soon as you start hearing God’s voice and obeying God, it will be easier to do so. Then you won’t be tripping and falling, you’d be walking, then you’d be running, then you’d be leaping to the finish line.

six; the decision

Live life just to please, worship and honor One, the One true God and your paths will be much clearer, defined, purposeful and joyful. It is not an easy path, but it is the path many are called to do and very few choose to take. Do you want to live this life of purpose and power? Or are you contented with the same old and same old, the average and the usual? Are you willing to lay it all down? And finally, are you willing to take the actions necessary?

It’s your choice.


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