Merry Christmas to You and You


I feel it. Christmastime.

It’s an anticipation in my soul. The bright colorful lights, the kindness, the laughter. It’s beyond the big bold sale sign, the last minute shopping and the stress. It’s something that draws a warmth in me. It’s more than just a season, a holiday, a time. It’s a spirit. It’s a spirit of joy, peace and giving.

I love this spirit: and I wish it wasn’t just during Christmastime I could feel it. I wish it was every day. Every minute. Every second.

(It’s a shame; for me to write this in urgency in my heart, treasuring every moment because I know, that maybe, after Christmas it will go away.)


“Happy Holidays”, she said.

“Merry Christmas,” I replied back. I watched her face brightened a little as she let out a small smile, “Merry Christmas.”

Christmas is more than the gifts under the tree, the dinner with family and friends, the religious rituals, the bright lights and the joyful carols.

It’s about God; the creator of the universe, giving His only Son to a lost, sin-filled world.

It’s about Jesus Christ; who didn’t remain as a child but grew up to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

Let us remember the Christ in Christmas.


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