thoughts of the [post-graduation] future;

A friend and I spoke about  the future (and for us, it’s about out the end of our undergraduate careers and into the ‘real world’) during Christmas dinner. We were considering the options we have after graduation in the midst of the joyful screams of children playing charades and the smell of barbecued meat.

I can’t believe I’ll be graduating soon.  One more semester. Five more months. (It’s going to fly by so quickly, I could feel it in my bones).

It’s great; it means the end of a chapter, a start of something different, something new, something that will cause me to grow, expand and learn. But graduation always signifies a fork in the road: the road of higher education, the road to employment, the road of ‘finding myself’, the easy road, the road that causes you to wait, the road that demands our loans before setting off and breaking free from the place we’ve always known (or even got tired of). There’s so many paths. How do we know which is the best one? (God; which is the path you want me to take?)

Whichever road we may choose; this decision is life changing. It will dictate how, who, where and what we’re going to do for a couple of years of our lives or even our whole lives. It is a direction towards something: a goal, a destination and hopefully a successful place. This direction will ultimately lead to our future: the time and place we’ve always thought about, a place that excited us, haunted us and the place we desire the most.

It’s a crucial decision during a crucial time. But I question myself, who am I, a measly (college) graduate dictating my life’s direction, goal and purpose? (Desperation sits in, and I call to my God who knows all things, sees all things; a sovereign God who is good.)

“I still remember when we wanted to graduate once and for all, but the closer we get to graduation, the more unsettled we become don’t we?”

My thoughts will continue on till that day comes. The day of graduation. The day of decision.


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