when days are blue;

There are times I feel like I wake up in the wrong side of the bed and I see things through blurry grey tinted lenses. Everything irritates me, even the things and people I love the most. Nothing is going the way I want it to. I feel more and more apprehensive, unsettled, discontent and ungrateful. Then it goes on.

Not just a day, but two. Not just two but three.

I feel suffocated in a series of grey days.

I wish I could blame it on the weather, the shirt I’m wearing, the person next to me and God up above. But it’s me. My flesh, my selfishness crept up and reminded me that it’ll be here until I die. It’s like me versus me, inside the battle of my mind.

But God is my referee and he holds up the card of grace, love and thanksgiving. He reminds me of the things I should meditate upon: whatsoever is good, pure, true and honorable. He embraces me and reminds me that He’s in control.

Then I surrender.

Thanksgiving is the key to many things and is the immediate cure for a blue day.

“…in everything give thanks…”


about anything [the smell of pancakes seeping through your room, the sunlight seeping through your lace curtains, the ticking of the minute hand, the touch of a loved one, your favorite song playing in the radio, the sound of wind and the chimes, a refreshing morning shower, friends that understand you too well, an extension to your life…]

anytime [when you wake up, before you eat, before you sleep, during lunch time at school, during overtime at work, in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, when you’re waiting in line…]

everywhere [at school, work, class, home, in the gym, inside your car, inside your closet, seated at the bus stop, at church…]

 Because the blessings will always outweigh all the other things.


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