feel, live & be;

Sometimes we won’t “get it”  till we learn the hard way.

Life is more than just observing, reading and living through other’s successes and failures. Life is more than just theories, dreams, ideas and abstract thoughts. We have to live it, experience it, get hurt, sweat and work hard. We need to use our hands, eyes, ears, minds and hearts. They were made for a purpose; they were made to explore the world we live in, to understand the people around us and to give thanks and walk in communion with the God who created us.

We need to feel and live and be in the moment; and that’s when we truly learn.

Real people are wild flowers; adaptable to any circumstance; we grow and mature through rain and sun (or the lack thereof). Some experienced drought and some are blessed with good conditions but in their own way made it through and will continue to thrive.


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