twenty/twenty vision;


I currently have circle, Harry Potter-esqe ones that people that turn into conversation starters when I meet someone new. Despite its ridiculous shape and inconvenience (you never know how many times people insisted I should wear contacts instead), I’ve grown not only attached but dependent on it. It affects how I see, how I perceive and how I look. And trust me, I’m pathetic without it.

I can’t see things clearly and I just become a jumbled mess.


It is an assurance and a hope for the future, a vision that burns inside us keeps us going on. It’s our dreams, it’s our goals, it’s our resolutions. It drives us, it propels us to be better, bigger and stronger than who we are at this very moment. It helps us see through the bigger picture, through wider lens, through God’s eyes. And it’s amazing. So amazing it could seem unattainable.

(…and sometimes only you could see it.)


Things are clearer when the weather is right: clear skies, happy times, light illuminating through every path, my emotions are clear and calm. These are the times when we feel enlightened, empowered, inspired and productive. Days that we could say “anything is possible” and that “I could conquer the world” or boldly say to God “I’ll do anything and everything for you, here am I, send me”.

…but it gets blurry.

Storms will come. Darkness clouds the sun and the winds blow a little too hard for just too long. Then we realize the fog clouding our view. We find the blind spots: fear, insecurities and words of those who don’t understand seem to grow louder and louder. We tend to forget how it was or what it was that propelled us to do something in the first place.

That vision.

Hold on to it. If forgotten, diligently remind yourself. Own it. Live it. Claim it.

…because storms will come, but storms go.

And your vision will be defined, encouraged and reinforced and maybe even fulfilled.


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