in stepping out;

Last night I decided to sleep earlier than usual.

It seems to me I’ve been tired for the past couple of days despite the fact that I didn’t do anything physically or mentally draining. I have a handful of readings for my rhetoric class that I’ve been putting off because I can’t seem to concentrate on it as much as I would want to. If I do attempt to do so, I find my arms crossed, head down, eyes closed—sleeping on my desk. Then I decided to sleep first and do my homework later (or should I say, earlier in the morning?).

It worked once; I managed to wake up at the obscure hours of the day to do my homework. And it worked pretty well (if I’m not distracted) since I’m alert and focused in the task on hand.

But this time around I woke up the next morning, today.

I just realized how easlily I make up my mind and decsions, but in doing those decisions I fail miserably. It’s easy to say and harder to do, people tell me time and time again. But we all have initial fears, doubt and insecurities. We always have excuses for everything we don’t want to do because it’s uncomfortable, it’s new, it’s going to take me out of my comfort zone and make me vunrable.

As we spend our time fighting God, we find out time just passed us by and we wake up the very next day, doing absolutely nothing. Yet God won’t move until we obey and trust him that he’ll bring us through whatever he told us to do. It is not through our strength, our power, our timing and our methods: but God needs us to make that first step of faith—that initative to go forward.

When we step out in obedience and in faith, he blesses and annoints our steps. He will fill in the gaps, he will give us the strength.

…and that’s what makes all the diffrence in the world.


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