My blog has recently been a series of my spiritual musings, but I do live in a physical world;

Since I did intend to make this blog a little more of a personal blog, I should share some snippets of my life.

It’s been awhile since I made time to take photographs. Though I am a self-proclaimed freelance photographer, I haven’t had the time to enjoy the art due to school. I miss it so much;

I missed the feeling of the button under my finger, sound of the shutter, looking through the viewfinder with smiley happy subjects in front of me. Photography is and will always be something I love and I’m passionate about. It’s my creative outlet, and a daily reminder that everything around me is beautiful.


An island-wide art exhibit that I usually participate in is around the corner. My talented friend Kim above decided that we should collaborate for this installation. I was meaning to collaborate with someone for awhile, but I didn’t know who. Then Kim came along, and our ideas just mingled and came to fruition this day.

Our models were late for the shoot, so we had plenty of time to catch up and talk about ideas for the exhibit, art in general and possible future careers in our respective fields. Kim is talented, and she knows what she wants so I hope the best for her.


It was an overcast day; perfect for a shoot. It’s like a white box that engulfed the sky which is my light source.

I can’t wait for the final product of the photos. Kim and I had a vision on how they’ll turn out, but now it’s a step closer to completion and Kim is doing magic on the photos I’ve taken, I’m crossing my fingers and trying to be very patient for the day she reveals to me her work.


It was a great shoot and we might have to have another shoot depending on the range of ideas Kim might have and I might come up with. But till then, the subject matter and the photo set will be heavily guarded and put under wraps.

I can’t wait to share it to you all when it’s completed.


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