graduation jitters;

In the midst of the looming final two weeks of the last semester of my undergraduate career, I think it’s time for a long waited life update.

Graduation is around the corner: I could imagine so many graduates dreading the day we walk down that aisle, receiving a piece of paper that validates late night studying, last minute papers, caffeine overdose, group meetings and final exams for four years of our life. It feels like four years flew by: learning so much information and sometimes feeling like we haven’t learned enough. It seems like we reached a finish line, a cut from the director, but really it’s just the beginning of everything else and again we’re faced with questions about ourselves, just like post high-school graduation.

Hard questions. Life changing questions. Questions that will cause you to leave or to stay, to continue or to rest, to define “success”, to find or continue searching the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Welcome to the real world; many would say. But am I completely ready?

Honestly, I’m not ready. If not, it’s quite terrifying.

How can textbooks about linguistic jargon, advanced Japanese language and teacher assisting part time job prepare me?  How can it secure a purpose, a job, a hope and a fulfilled life?

It’s terribly lacking. A piece of paper cannot simply define my future.

But I’ve learned to let my future go: for God to mold me to whoever and whatever He wants me to become. To make the person of Jesus as my example as I cast off all pride and selfish ambition. I’ve received direction, a purpose and a hope. And it’s so great, it’s greater than who I am, and who I thought I could become. And it’s only through Him that this gift wouldn’t crumble in my human hands.

It’s terrifying, but I’m excited.

Because I know, ultimately the God’s gift is of eternal value; it is a way for Him to show Himself even more. A deeper relationship with him. More intimate. An adventure with him. A call to the deep, a call to the unknown.

Three weeks; and here we go.


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