four months later;


Oh, hello!

Looking back, it seems like my blog posts have stopped near graduation.

And trust me, a lot of things happened in between now and then. Despite how sure I sounded during my last year in college, I was actually pretty lost. So lost I was driven to despair. I was in a season of confusion. Then I graduated, and summer started. I flew to the Philippines for three months and was lead to a season transition, clarification and equipping.   A lot of growing pains, revelations and maturity happened. I should have recorded it and laid it for the interwebs, but I realized that there are some things that shouldn’t be just recorded there and there, but instead fully experienced, internally and externally reflected on and then shared to others. And that’s what I intend to do. Share my experience, in a reflective manner. From undergraduate graduation, three months galavanting in the Philippines and everything in between: about faith, food, friends, travel and love.

And while doing so, I’m entering a new season. An exciting one. I’m moving to Tokyo, Japan in two weeks time. All the things I’ve been writing about is finally coming to pass.

I’ve written about my my current feelings of this new season in my instagram awhile back;

I often ask God, where are you taking me? Why me? I know how inadequate and insufficient I am to a plan and a purpose greater that I can even ask or think. I know if it was up to me, I’m going to fail. But He taught me to look at Jesus and not myself and that His grace is sufficient enough. That even though my human hands will cause major blunders, nothing can separate me from His love. It’s his plan so he’ll guide me through…I just need to listen and obey. So Lord, lead me to places where my feet may fail but You won’t.

So I have my heart secured, my camera recharged, my notebook empty, my ears ready to listen, my knees on the ground and my hands lifted up.

Let’s do this : )


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