Leaving and Arriving

L1080828 - CopySo I boarded a one-way ticket to Tokyo, Japan a few days ago. I was contented to see my parents and my closest friends see me off after. Unlike the other time I left, I didn’t cry but instead a peace like no other swept in. It was excitement and hope and just a joy in my heart that I’m not walking into this adventure alone. I have God by my side.


Looking down at my home, Guam, I started to even appreciate how beautiful it was. I have learned that everything close to a person tends to be taken advantage of and quite under appreciated. Like your home and your family. Only when you are then taken off or are separated to these things and people you realize their value and their influence in our lives. Some people realize this and learn, some people will continue to live selfishly to themselves, but I hope you learn to appreciate, treat and spend amazing time with your family and loved ones.

L1080858 L1080862 L1080860

The moment that I’ve been writing about has finally come to pass. It’s surreal, almost dreamlike, but after two days being here and it finally sunk in. I left home on a plane to the country I love: not only because of its culture and its people, but most importantly God’s love for this country. I don’t know how God is going to use me here, but I’m sure He’ll do his part. I just need to do mine: stay faithful, stay connected, obey and love him, and everything will be just fine.


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