recently; 日光


It’s been a month since my last post. A lot has happened since my last post. But before any hard hitting, deep revelations and some inner musings inside my head and heart, here is a snippet of an adventure my friends and I went last week.


First, meet Angeline. Singaporean. My next door neighbor who coincidently is in the same exchange/research student program as me. Speaks English, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and French. Likes to eat and travel and has a special place in her heart for soccer. I honestly prayed her into my life and is officially my Japan buddy for life.


Angeline is rather pro-active in leaving the campus and exploring places outside the city, in which I’m thankful for because even though I do want to go out, I don’t think I want to do it alone. So one day she said: “We should go to Nikko!” In which I replied, “Okay, sure!”

And it happened.


Nikko is an awfully popular tourist site in Japan: mostly known for it’s beautiful Autumn scenery and its historical significance. It’s about two hours away from Tokyo by train, and if you’re a foreigner or an exchange student, there is a cheaper way to commute from Tokyo to Nikko.

IMG_8843 IMG_8844 IMG_8861

Angeline also invited Loan, Phuong and Darius along the trip. The more the merrier they say, and thus it is true. Though in the flip side it is also important how well those people get along with each other. Thank goodness we all got along fine. We have this overarching love for traveling and sweet foods. I think we unofficially made a traveling club of some sorts.


Nikko’s famous Kegon falls. Beautiful yes, but there is something haunting about it that a Japanese friend of mine pointed out. Apparently Kegon is a famous suicide spot for people. More information about that here.


After the short walk, we were freezing. Even Darius from Poland admitted it was quite cold. Cold it was. Our fingers were numb and we were hungry. We browsed the small stalls that were selling food and things and we found something amazing to warm us up.


I forgot what exactly it was called but it’s a vegetable stew of some sorts. It was amazing. And it saved our lives. And numb fingers.

IMG_8898 IMG_8901

Look at our full and satisfied and warm faces!~


Now full and warm, we trekked on the other side of the road and we arrived at Chuzenji lake.


IMG_8962 IMG_8971 IMG_8980

The crew enjoying the view. Angeline requested a few minutes to look at the breathtaking view and I understood. It was beautiful. If it wasn’t so cold, it would be the perfect spot to have a picnic.

IMG_8982 IMG_8985

Angeline and her selfie breaks~


But here is what we took with all of us in it.



Old school Taiyaki. The kind man who was making these was nice enough to tell us the difference. It’s the batter. These days, Taiyaki is made with pancake batter. This however is simply made out of flour, salt and sugar with either a chocolate or azuki filling. And being total sweet tooths, Angeline, Darius and I bought both just to taste.



Lastly, Nikko is also the home of several famous shrines/temples. The most famous being Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Toshogu shrine and two others really close to it, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnoji temple.

IMG_9035 IMG_9056 IMG_9061 IMG_9064 IMG_9102

We ended our trip with an uncomfortable nap on the way home by train but also with a delicious rotary sushi dinner at Kichijoji (In which I stopped taking pictures because I was tired but really enjoyed the day).

It was fun indeed.


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