24 things I’ve learned at 24

It’s been two years since my last post (oh my), and I have turned 24. Turning 24 is not much different from turning 23 and 22, and birthdays altogether becomes rather a normal day for many of us. But birthdays are milestones. It’s probably another altar. It’s a day to look back at the good and the bad and move forward with the things we have learned.

Twenty four things I’ve learned (and what I strive to continue to learn) at twenty four:

1.) If God’s footstool is the earth, I believe it’s our playground. Push your geographical boundaries. It’s the first step to enlarging your world and your mindsets.

2.) Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18. If you think you know everything, I think it is time for a heart check. Be thankful and choose to be thankful. It diminishes pride and gives you a healthy perspective.

3.) No man is an island. We live with people, and no, we do not get along and we don’t meet eye to eye all the time. But learn how to understand each other. Not simply stereotypically and what others say about another, but intimately and individually.

4.) God’s destiny for you is something bigger than you. It could only be completed with Him. Don’t be foolish and try to take everything in your hands.

5.) Be consistent. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

6.) Waiting does not mean idleness. Waiting means preparing yourself for that thing you are waiting for. Improve and learn during this time of wait.

7.) Time is valuable. People are valuable. Time for people is always worth it. Time with God is priceless.

8.) Dig in the word of God. Love it. Meditate on it. Live it.

9.) Do not simply collect stuff. Curate. Be active and aware why you are purchasing an item and how it fits your current lifestyle. Buy quality over quantity. Expensive does not always mean good quality.

10.)Read. Read. Read. Read about things you like and the counter-argument of those things.

11.) Do not make excuses. Own them and do something about it.

12.) You cannot predict the future. All you could do is be ready for it. And sometimes, being ready is not enough, take in even the bad times with a good attitude and good will come out of it.

13.) Appreciate art. Follow an artist. Learn about an artist. Be an artist. Art expands and makes life colorful. Develop personal taste and style.

14.) Know who you are. Know what you believe in. Learn about what you believe in. Be a testimony of what you believe in. Inspire others.

15.) You cannot do all things by yourself. You need others. Find communities that fit you and connect others with that community.

16.) Do not kill time. Do not simply spend time mindlessly. Use every second, every minute, every hour with purpose and intention.

17.) Give and be generous. It is a price that is worth paying. Love and be loved. It is a risk worth taking.

18.) Have mentors. Mentor others. Teach and be willing to taught.

19.) Do not be too busy. Business does not equate to productivity or success. Instead learn how to be productive with the least amount of time.

20.) Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Focus on your strengths and develop those strengths.

21.) Explore your area. Love your family. Cherish and love the things close to you. Sometimes we take the things seemingly consistent in our lives for granted. Learn how to appreciate, learn from them again and again. Because while you change, they change along with you.

22.) Life is a series of decisions. You decide your direction and your reactions, your emotions, the way you think and how you internalize things. Learn how you make these decisions.

23.) Take care of your body. Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well. Treat yourself well inside and out.

24.) Life is a process. Keep on improving. Failures are not the end but learning points.


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